Remain mindful of the need to balance mind, body and spirit with beautiful chakra jewelry from myfaireden. Chakra bracelets & necklaces are available in a variety of designs to complement your lifestyle and help you maintain balance within. Inspired by the ancient Indian system, pieces featuring the seven chakra colors can help you stay focused on healing one or more of the energy centers of your body and its connected sources. 

Natural materials such as leather, twine and metals complement our semi precious stones. Our collection includes bracelets with various charms to represent your interests. Choose from the tree of life, a figure in a yoga pose, a lotus flower or the Om symbol.

All stones work to bring harmony to you; use them to restore balance in your body and your life. Our chakra jewelry features natural semi precious stones, including: Tiger eye, Amethyst, Carnelian , Green Aventurine, & Lapis Lazuli. From lack of self-confidence to creating healthy relationships and getting in touch with your inner self, we offer you the tools to help you heal.

Chakra jewelry can be a powerful helpmate in finding the balance you need in each core energy center. Browse our unique designs for a range of gorgeous, modern pieces to wear both as adornments and for their healing powers.

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