At myfaireden,  we offer beautifully designed diffuser jewelry that allows you to enjoy the benefits of crystal therapy and aromatherapy. Wearing crystals as a means of absorbing their healing energy is an ancient practice that has endured to this day. Aromatherapy often uses essential oils to enhance the well-being of an individual’s body, mind, and spirit, improving emotional and physical well-being.

Diffuser bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry pieces combine crystals with porous materials such as lava stone beads. These porous materials absorb essential oils and steadily release their healing scents throughout the day or period of wear. Whether you choose a bracelet or necklace, you’ll find yourself and others drawn to your diffuser jewelry for aromatherapy, crystal therapy and its beautiful design.

From a rose quartz diffuser bracelet with lava stone to a seven-chakra diffuser necklace, essential oil diffuser jewelry offers its unique healing benefits through its crystals and the essential oils you choose to apply to the stones. For example, if you’re interested in relieving stress and tension, you might opt for a jewelry piece that features howlite stone and black lava stone beads. If you want to boost your power, leadership and strength, choose a jewelry piece that features pink vein agate and porous materials. You can then select the essential oils that appeal to you, from lavender oil to enhance relaxation to orange oil to boost energy. Pairing specific crystals and essential oils is a wonderful way to enhance your life, well-being and style. Our diffuser jewelry not only features crystals and stone beads but also emblematic designs that further your enjoyment of the pieces you choose. Diffuser jewelry is a loving, lifetime gift to give yourself and a thoughtful and unique way to bless your friends and family.

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