No matter the amount of distance separating you from your partner or your bestie,  our selection of distance bracelets make the perfect thoughtful gift. Each set of long-distance bracelets feature two pieces of jewelry: one to adorn your own wrist and one to share with a treasured person. Our stunning bracelets are made in a selection of colors and with different types of beads. Choose the perfect one for your long-distance relationship or friendship based on shared intentions.

Each type of bead has its own meaning, which makes choosing one that speaks to the qualities you hold dear in your partnership extra special. Our distance bracelets for couples come in a number of designs, each believed to serve a different purpose while they forge connections across the globe. You could choose to share happiness and good luck with a bracelet made from the combination of amazonite and howlite. Wearing these bracelets while apart helps to clear both your minds, allowing you to experience euphoria together. Passionate unions are perfectly matched with the hot and cool pairing of fire and howlite stones. Red- and yellow-swirled beads symbolize the fiery passion of your connection, while white howlite helps to clear your mind of worries. Whether you want to promote peace, prosperity, harmony, increased understanding or clarity in your relationship, there are distance bracelets to match your intention. Some may directly help with stresses often present when partners must be apart, such as relieving separation anxiety, promoting open communication and increasing connection.

Each distance bracelet pairing is meant to complement the other. Many feature a combination of two different healing stones with each bracelet containing the majority of one type of bead and a single stone from your partner’s bracelet, symbolizing you are connected even when not physically together. When each of you proudly wears this sign of commitment on your wrist, you’ll never be far from each other’s thoughts, no matter the distance that separates you.

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