Do you find yourself in great need of a mood boost or know someone close to you deserving of one? Treat yourself or someone you love to a myfaireden healing crystal and stone necklace. Our healing stone necklaces may help you to set an intention and provide uplifting powers with each glance. Featuring healing stones, colorful beads and fashion-forward tassels, our healing crystal necklaces and pendants are the perfect combination of function and beauty.

Whether you choose based off of a favorite color or opt for a necklace believed to hold certain healing properties, you and your lucky gift recipients are sure to love our necklaces. When choosing from our selection of eye-catching stone necklaces for healing, consider your desired intention. Look to rose quartz to open your heart space and make room for love. Turn to the healing energies of amazonite if you or someone you love is in need of an infusion of happiness and wishes of good luck. Warm the heart chakra and aim to reset balance with ocean jasper. Tiger’s eye may clear away those blocks between you and your emotions, making room for energy restoration. If stress and worry are at the forefront of your mind, wear howlite to remind yourself to let go and move forward.

Each brilliant necklace features stunning colors and varying textures for a look that won’t go unnoticed. Pair these beautiful stones and beads with your most glam dress or a favorite comfy pair of jeans for a striking look.

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