Beautiful in their simple design and natural materials, our healing crystal bracelets catch the eye and harness lots of good energy. The beaded bracelets in our collection feature raw crystals and cabochons, which are unfaceted polished gem pendants. These cabochons are the bracelets’ conversation points, shining brightly with their distinctive colors and drawing questions from your friends and admirers.

Many of our bracelets are stretchy, giving a custom fit and comfort to those who prefer their jewelry to fit snugly.  These versatile pieces of jewelry showcase some of the world’s most beautiful and powerful crystals. When you’re looking for the bracelet of your dreams, use the crystals’ meanings and colors to guide you.

Your choice of healing stone bracelets includes varying crystal and color combinations. Examples include enlightenment-promoting African turquoise with cognitive power-boosting amethyst, protective Indian agate with healing raw rose quartz, and heart-opening rose quartz.

Whether you’re drawn to crystals, or their color, you’re sure to find the bracelet that suits your spirit and style. The particular beauty of our healing crystal bracelets is in their roots in the natural world and its energy. When you wear one of our crystal bracelets, you’re communicating your relationship to the earth and your appreciation of its beauty, bounty and diversity. A bracelet is a great, affordable way to bring healing crystals into your daily life and consciousness. It can also make a unique and meaningful gift for somone special in your life. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or others, enjoy browsing our selection of bracelets and learning about the specific energies and properties each one provides.

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