Crystals are widely believed to have healing properties that can treat physical and emotional ailments. The human body has several nerve centers aligned along the spinal column, neck and crown of the head, often called chakras. When healing crystals are placed on these nerve centers, it is thought that the body’s energy flows more freely, easing pain and tension.

Certain crystals may be immersed in water to form an elixir that can be ingested for internal healing. Healing crystals and stones can be worn as jewelry, carried in a pocket or placed around the home.

Different crystals work with different chakras to help align what is known as chi, or life-energy. Healing stones are not only used in chakra healing but can also be used for whole-body health and comfort. For example, rose quartz can help bring love into one’s life and promote harmony and self-acceptance. Green jade is used to promote wealth and prosperity. Lapis lazuli is a gemstone whose use dates back as much as 6,500 years. Today, it is used to enhance intuition, open the third eye chakra and ward against negative energy.

The shape of a crystal can enhance its healing qualities. Wands are ideal for focusing the energy of a crystal and for drawing negative energy away from the body. The sacred geometries of pyramids and spheres make them ideal shapes for healing. Pyramids can be used to increase positive energy while eliminating negative energy, and the symmetry of spheres produces a calming sensation.

Color is also a powerful facet of crystal healing power. Warm colors – red, orange and yellow – are used to increase energy and bolster self-confidence and success, while cool colors – green, blue and purple – are used to calm, soothe and restore peace. Healing crystals and stones are a natural way to enhance positive energy, reduce stress and promote overall well-being and happiness.

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