If you’re looking for a way to incorporate meditation and its incredible benefits in your everyday life, consider malas. These strands of beads plus a “Sumeru,” a summit or head bead, are traditional prayer and meditation tools. As a meditation tool and a form of jewelry, they can help focus the mind during meditation and support those who meditate to count mantras in sets of 108.

 Malas often feature crystals and gemstones with specific energies and meaning. At myfaireden, we offer you a selection of mala prayer beads, mala necklaces with pendants, and stone beaded bracelets. Whichever style of jewelry you prefer, you can search for the piece that features the crystals or gemstones that appeal to you and your well-being. For example, black labradorite is believed to impart strength and wisdom during times of change, while sodalite is known to enhance inner peace and symbolize universal truth.

Our line of gorgeous mala beads with carved heart-shaped pendants gives you the chance to wear a meditation-inspired tool that reminds you and others to nurture your own heart. From calming amethyst to anxiety-releasing tiger eye or worry-absorbing sunstone malas, you can wear these beads and pendants wrapped around your wrist multiple times like a bracelet or suspended from your neck as a necklace. Our tassel necklaces with raw stone or quartz pendants are another elegant and striking way to wear your mala beads. For example, imagine a string of protective turquoise beads completed by a cleansing quartz pendant and a turquoise-hued silky tassel. Our stone beaded bracelets accented with a lotus, Buddha or Om silver-plated charm allow you to wear your mala on your wrist and benefit from the healing properties of the stones. Elegant and striking, malas are a unique way to add meaning to your life and, when given as a gift, to the life of others.

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