One of life’s greatest joys is the ability to take an interior space and turn it into a place that comforts, inspires and renews you. When it comes to wall décor that is chic and intriguing, a mandala tapestry offers a new way to bring warmth, color and inspiration to your favorite rooms. Set a unique mood with an Eastern-inspired wall hanging tapestry to your space.

These richly hued and intricately designed tapestries add texture and visual interest to a blank wall in a way that is more engaging and alluring than paint, typical framed pictures or other types of wall décor. Transform your space from blah to brilliant with a mandala tapestry for room decor that can be either the star of the show or the supporting backdrop that pulls your space together with a touch of global flair.

One of the things you’ll love most about our tapestries is their versatility. They are sized so that they can be used for more than wall décor. Are you looking for a new way to imagine your tablescapes and place settings? Use one of our fine tapestries as a tablecloth. Bring a different spin to your dining room table, often a major center to your entertaining spaces. In the bedroom, take your lounging and relaxation spaces to a new level of stylish comfort when you purpose a mandala tapestry as a lightweight bedspread. It brings beauty and vibrancy to your bedding without the bulk and heat retention of a comforter or duvet. The crafty, inspired interior designer can take a space even further by purposing tapestries as cushion covers or shams. Each tapestry is a thoughtfully curated design that blends ornate patterning with color combinations that amp up the drama in a tasteful way. The magic of a mandala tapestry is that the only limits to what you can do with it lies in your imagination.

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