Whether buying for yourself or as a precious gift, the question is, do you simply want another attractive piece of jewelry or something that holds a deeper meaning? At myfaireden our wrap bracelets are more than just brilliant statement pieces. If your search for healing jewelry has led you here because you’re in need of a piece to remind you to keep an open heart, you’ll find just the perfect present for yourself or loved ones.

Many of our leather wrap bracelets feature a layered look made up of beautifully colored beads, stones and crystals laced along durable bands made from quality leather. They look striking on the wrist with a melange of colors and textures that perfectly accentuate and complement each other to create a stunning, curated and natural look. At first glance, our wrap-around bracelets appear to be gorgeous statement pieces meant to adorn your wrist and complete your look, but these accessories are much, much more than perfect for everyday wear. Choose bracelets in colors and patterns that catch your eye and feature your favorite hue, or harness the healing powers believed to be held in many of these stones and pick one to help you set an intention or provide you with a daily reminder.

More than beautiful baubles, our wrap bracelets with crystals may soothe the soul, open hearts or even help relieve long-held worries. Look to ocean jasper for a balance reset or to awaken the soul. Flush with healing energies, amazonite has long been thought to reward with happiness, fortune and good luck. It’s believed that howlite may help to ease anxiety by absorbing stressful feelings and easing persistent worries. Believed to possess healing powers of restorative energy, tiger eye may help clear away blocks hindering emotions and return a state of balance. Thought to hold persuasive heart powers, create openness with rose quartz. No matter your style or intention, there are beautiful wrap bracelets here for you.

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